Online Business English Course for Optimal Company Growth

Your team’s lack of confidence when speaking English shouldn’t halt your international business growth.

Our fast-learning teaching methods help your employees reach their ideal language potential. With the help of the latest technology, our online business English course helps your employees communicate effectively in English.

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Researched methodologies

Our methods are the perfect concoction for language growth. Apart from attending online English-speaking courses led by professionally trained language experts from all over the world, you have the option to log into our language management software and complete helpful business-oriented exercises at any time—that’s right: 24/7.

Blended Learning

Not only do we offer online classes with professional teachers, but we also offer a digital platform where you can practice English 24/7. This asynchronous teaching method is a much-needed addition to your language knowledge expansion.


Being professional in a modern world doesn’t mean that honing your language skills has to be boring. Our gamification platform and proven learning methods motivate your team members to attend class and have fun along the way.

Project-based learning

Project-based learning methods guide you along your learning experience. Our different projects are well thought out in business topics like negotiation, management & leadership, bilingualism, success & failure, and many more. You’re perfecting your English skills and learning about essential business topics along the way.

Boutique feel, big-business results

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Hands-on practice for real-life results

You’re not just expanding your language skills; you’re also growing in professional learning and development areas. Our double impact programs help optimize your team’s time and energy and will help them improve their command of the language while developing other soft skills.

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Presentation practice

Our lesson plans integrate include making presentations, presenting in class, and providing feedback.

Communication coaching

Each class has a real-life business meeting feel so you can gain confidence when attending meetings in English. Your team won't just speak better English, they’ll be better leaders too.

Negotiation training

We practice necessary negotiation skills focusing on confidence and heavy listening skills.

Professional development

We coach up your team on professional conversations in English. We also focus on stress management so your team will be more agile at work. One of our popular methods is Points of You, which motivates your team to discuss their experiences in English.

Soft skills training equals happy employees

  • 53% of remote employees who haven't received training in the last 12 months say they want soft skills training.
  • 66% of remote employees categorize themselves as visual learners.
  • 76% of remote employees that have received soft skills training say they have no plans to leave their employers.
  • 56% of remote employees who’ve received soft skills training in the last 12 months have also been promoted in their company.
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