Online Business English Courses for Optimal Company Growth

We are English Services, a boutique-sized company that offers technology-based corporate language training services.

With our hands-on project-based learning approach, you will learn Business English and develop communication skills at the same time in a fast and efficient manner. Our double-impact services enhance language learning and soft skill development with real and relevant material designed  by our content team. 

We use our own learning management system (LMS) and write reports in real time for L&D and HR departments.

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Proven methodologies

English Services offers the right mix of language learning methodologies. We provide online courses taught by language professionals from different countries and the option to log on to our language management system available 24/7, where you will find practice activities consistent with live lessons.

Blended Learning

We offer both online lessons in real time with language experts and practice activities on our platform available 24/7. This blended system will help you expand your language knowledge at your own pace.


Learning does not have to be boring! Our gamification platform and proven learning methods provide the motivation you need to attend class and have fun in the process.

Project-based learning

Project-based learning is an essential component of our programs. Class projects deal with different topics, like negotiations or leadership, which help our corporate clients perfect their English skills as well as specific soft skills.

Real Material

We use real material developed by our in-house content team, using relevant sources like The Economist, TEDTalks, or LinkedIn Learning.

Hands-on practice for real-life results

You’re not just expanding your language skills, you’re also boosting your career. Our double-impact project-based programs help optimize time and energy, enhance language learning, and foster soft skills development.

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Presentation practice

Our students design and deliver presentations in class, with immediate feedback for their instructor.

Communication skills coaching

Each lesson has a real-life business meeting feel so you can gain confidence when attending meetings in English. Your team won't just speak better English, they’ll be better leaders too

Negotiation skills

We practice negotiation skills focusing on confidence and active listening skills.

Professional development

We coach your team on professional conversations in English. We also focus on stress management so your team will be more agile at work. One of our popular methods is Points of You ®, which motivates your team to discuss their ideas and experiences in English.

Benefits of soft skills training

  • Soft skills development helps boost productivity, communication, talent retention, creativity, engagement, and, as a result, increases the bottom line. 
  • 76% of employees who work remotely and have received soft skills training say they are not planning to resign.
  • 56% of employees who work remotely and have received soft skills training in the last 12 months have also been promoted in their company.
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