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How Mind Mapping Improves Your Learning

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Are you a visual person? Do images help you remember ideas better? Then, mind mapping is for you. This technique helps you organize your thoughts, structure your ideas visually, and learn faster. Even better, using mind maps at work helps you be 23% more productive

What Is Mind Mapping?

A mind map is a diagram that represents words, ideas, tasks, organized around a central concept. Its non-linear structure, which radiates from a central idea, is a very effective way of structuring information visually. 

You can use pen and paper or free software available on the Internet to create your mind map. You start with an idea, a topic, or a problem you need to solve. Then, you write it down in the middle of the page. Then, you draw arrows connecting secondary ideas, symbols, drawings, derived from that central idea. The result is a highly organized diagram that will help you with analysis and recall later. 

Additionally, mind mapping is a creative way of taking notes and getting information in and out of your brain. 

A Brain-Compatible Technique

The two sides -or hemispheres- of our brain, right and left, have different characteristics. Physically, each dominates the opposite side of the body. The left brain is logical, dominates linear thinking, and thinks in words. The right brain, on the other hand, favors holistic thinking, imagination, and intuition and the two are connected by bundles of nerve fibers. You never use just one or the other, they complement each other. 

When you create a mind map, you use the left- and right-brain tools, which helps with organizing your thinking. Mind maps make us use many of the right- and left-brain skills (imagination, logic, spatial awareness, etc.) together, so we make associations that we can remember later when triggered by images. Thus, this process enhances memory and creative thinking. 

‘‘Whoever and wherever you are, while reading these words, you are using the most wonderful, most tremendous, most complicated and secret tool in the entire universe – your brain’. Tony Buzan, educational consultant and mind mapping promoter

The Benefits of Mind Mapping

In a nutshell, mind maps help you learn faster and communicate more effectively. However, there are other benefits to using them. 

  • It helps you remember and call back information easily through associations. 
  • When you add ideas to a central topic, you make connections between that existing knowledge and new knowledge. Therefore, you learn new concepts easily and with a deeper understanding. 
  • Mind mapping makes learning fun. It creates meaningful engagement. When you arrange, say, images and colors on the page to represent your ideas, you’re promoting deeper learning as well. 
  • It helps you understand complex ideas. 
  • It boosts creativity and helps with problem-solving by making new connections between ideas. 
  • It’s a flexible tool that helps you improve productivity.


Mind maps can be used to learn new vocabulary, in brainstorming sessions, to make clearer and more interesting presentations, in strategic planning, to create content calendars, or come up with new product and service ideas. 

English Services Can Help You Learn Better with Mind Maps

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