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Language Training

An efficient program requires that students be in contact with the language they are learning for as long as possible. To achieve this, different training options are offered.


Effective Solutions

Synchronous Lessons

Remote and in-company real-time lessons.

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10-hour packs (20 calls of 30 minutes per pack)

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Asynchronous Lessons

24/7 e-learning platform.

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2-hour theoretical-practical meetings.

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Blended Learning

Synchronous lessons + 24/7 e-learning platform.

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Conversation Clubs

Conversations in English with a moderator.

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Open Lessons

Open lessons on different topics, organized by levels, with an unlimited number of participants.

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Intensive Courses

Synchronous lessons.

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Immersion programs with a duration of 40-160 hours.

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Double Impact

Webinars on a specific topic given by an expert on a certain subject.

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Tests de nivelación

Para conocer el nivel del alumnos antes de comenzar la capacitación.

– MAPEO (Test sin oral).

– NIVELACIÓN PARA INGRESAR UN PROGRAMA DE IDIOMAS (test online estructural con listening e instancia oral).


Linguistic consulting provided by an expert.

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Evaluaciones de progreso

Evaluaciones al cierre de cada proyecto (desde P1 a P9).
Evaluaciones al cierre de cada módulo (A, B y C).
Evaluaciones al cierre de cada nivel internacional ( desde A1a C2).

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Study Abroad

Turnkey destinations.

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Esquema de nivelación

Nuestra misión es brindar capacitación en idiomas de calidad a través de
diferentes ofertas personalizadas para colaboradores de distintas empresas
locales y extranjeras.