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Language Training

The easiest and most direct way to perfect your new language is right here. We give you hassle-free options to learn languages 24/7. Wherever you can, whenever you want. Zero excuses.


Effective Solutions

Synchronous Lessons

Remote and in-company real-time lessons.
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Asynchronous Lessons

24/7 E-learning platform.
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Blended Learning

Synchronous lessons + 24/7 E-learning platform.
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Conversation Clubs

Conversations in English with a moderator.
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10-hour packs (20 calls of 30 minutes per pack).
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2-hour theoretical-practical meetings.
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Open Lessons

Different topics and unlimited participants. 
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Intensive Courses

Synchronous lessons.
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Immersion programs with a duration of 40-160 hours.
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Double Impact Program

Webinars and workshops guided by experts and guest speakers.
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Study Abroad

Turnkey destinations.
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Level Pre-assessment

To determine student's level and assign the right project. General pre-assessment test (only written form). Online pre-assessment (includes listening and oral).
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Leveling Projects Chart

We’re committed to giving you the most effective language training. You’ll get personalized projects based on your specific level. Our topics are informative, thought-provoking, and beneficial at all career levels. You’re not only practicing languages, but you’re also growing professionally.