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English Services provides comprehensive solutions. If your team is hindered by a language barrier, our team of language experts will fix it.

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Pre-employment tests

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Relocation services

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Language tourism

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Placement tests

Online written, listening comprehension, and oral tests to place new students at the right level.
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Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreting

Simultaneous, consecutive and support interpreting.

  1. Comprehensive service with the provision of equipment.
  2. Effectiveness and efficiency.
  3. Customer-oriented.


All types of projects delivered fast and efficiently.

-Certified and private translations.
-Editing and proofreading.
-Subtitling and dubbing.
-Design, DTP, and format.

Pre-Employment Testing

Level assessments of candidates for positions where language is key.


Expats Services

Relocation and immigration services for expats.

-Look & feel.
-Tour house.
-School hunting.
-Residence visa process.
-Additional services.
-Translation services.

Language Tourism

A tourism activity that becomes a double-impact experience by including specialized Spanish language training.

- Group and private Spanish language lessons.

- Cultural and social activities in the City of Buenos Aires.

- Traditional and off-the-beaten-path tours.

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Synchronous Lessons

• In real time

• Private or group lessons

• 1-hour-long (4 participants) or 1.5 hour-long (6 participants)

• Real material developed in-house

• 15-hour projects