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Language Training

The easiest and most direct way to perfect your new language is right here. We give you hassle-free options to learn languages 24/7. Wherever you can, whenever you want. Zero excuses.

Effective solutions

Live lessons

Real-time online and in-person lessons
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Asynchronous Lessons

Learning platform available 24/7.
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Blended Learning

Live lessons + e-learning platform
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Conversation Clubs

Open customized sessions for all levels.
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10-hour packs, 20 half-hour sessions per pack
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Theory and practice
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Open Lessons

Open customized lessons for all levels
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Intensive programs

Over 3 hours of real-time lessons per week to accelerate language acquisition
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40 to 160-hour immersion programs
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Double Impact Program

Webinars and workshops delivered by experts.
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Study Abroad

Study abroad. Turnkey destinations
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Level tests

To assess the language proficiency level of new students.Online written, oral and listening comprehension exams.
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English language proficiency levels

Each level consists of between 120 and 180 hours. We divided each level into three 45-60 hour-long modules to adapt them to our clients’ needs and expectations and boost and visualize progress.

Our tools

  • Mind Mapping to structure ideas, boost creativity, and find solutions.
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).
  • Virtual tools to enhance learning.
  • Gamification to acquire new skills or improve existing ones.
  • Mental health breaks to stay focused and learn better.