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The Future of Work and Education is Here. How Do We Cope?

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Trabajo del futuro y la educación

We’re living in a world where data is more valuable than water. Artificial intelligence lives among us and some people even believe that the small device in your pocket is listening to our every conversation. Regardless of whether spying phones are true or not, one thing is for sure: work and education are evolving with technology. How do we keep up? Here are three ways we can overcome the future of work and education:

1. Resilience Will Help Overcome the Future of Work

Change is inevitable. Many jobs will disappear into thin air and our children will likely work in positions that probably haven’t been created yet. It’s up to the human race to decide how we go about this change. The capacity to recover quickly from challenges is what will push us to overcome the future of work. 
Resilience is the first solution. Being adaptable and evolving with change prepares us for the ever-changing workforce. AI, automation, tech, and healthcare seem to be the industries with the most jobs in the future of work. These are also the industries that seem to be evolving the quickest. Technological advances speed up, and we need to catch up fast.

2. To Never Stop Learning is the Future of Education

Ask any recruiter or hiring manager how important skills are and they will mostly all agree—skills are imperative in the future of work. Younger generations are choosing to complement their skills beyond higher education. This is the most practical way to build resilience in the future of work: to never stop learning. 
What does that mean for the future of education? With an active population and the perennial quest for productivity, the future of education can’t continue to follow the old model of having to sit in class and listen to lectures. Institutions are creating straight-to-the-point courses that can be completed in a shorter period. Today, it’s becoming easier to add valuable skills to your resume. For instance, Harvard University offers self-paced courses and webinars. Other certificate programs include Udemy.com and Coursera.com. Short courses are the future of education and improve our skillset.

3. Learning a New Language Opens More Doors

As our societies slowly mesh together, it becomes increasingly clear that understanding each other at work is essential for a unified world. Some studies link multilingualism to financial rewards. In other words, the more languages you speak, the more money you could be making. 
English Services stays ahead of the game. We understand the importance of speaking more than one language and we make it easy for learners to grow. Apart from our effective lesson plans and our own ES Conecta platform, we offer workshops that facilitate language learning.

The “new normal” is becoming the “next normal” where constant change is the new normality. It seems like nothing is definite and the future of work, education, mobility, wellness, shopping, and capacity building will evolve alongside humans. Resilience, continuous learning, and language are the best ways to stay ahead. Find out how we can help you and your business grow and keep up with the future of work and education.