We are English Services

We collaborate in an intelligent, flexible, and agile way so that your team can communicate more effectively in other languages. We train professionals who work in different industries and help them achieve better results, build greater confidence, and demystify that learning a language is almost impossible.

We rely on technology and use several teaching methodologies (neuroscience, mind mapping, coaching, gamification). We develop innovative programs and adapt to different professional profiles and corporate cultures.

Our proactive team works diligently so that Argentine companies have a local option when looking for a language provider. We meet your high expectations and can handle large volumes with professionalism.



To offer technology-based language training services that are focused on human development, enhancing communication skills in a global environment.


To become leaders in corporate language training through service differentiators.


Honesty: to act with integrity and self-awareness. 

Attitude: to have a positive disposition. 

Creativity: to find innovative solutions.

Efficiency: To do things well and cost-effectively.   

Respect: to be aware of how our actions impact on others.   

We’re the best because of you

Our Argentine team is skilled at in-company language training focused on your company’s growth. We have the right tools, methodology, and linguists to create an adaptable learning experience for your company.  We are forever grateful to you for trusting us. Our team and our happy clients are the ideal recipe for growth and success. Thank you!

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Synchronous Lessons

• Real-time lessons from an expert linguist

• Individual or group lessons

• 1-hour lessons (up to 4 students) and 1.5-hour lessons (up to 6 students)

• Class material developed by ES

• Each project is 15 hours long