We are English Services

We are English Services, a boutique-sized company that offers corporate language training services based on the latest technology and focused on human development. 

We address pain points:
Limited budgets.
Little or no results.
Lack of motivation.
Talent retention. 

How we do it:
We optimize your budget.
We diversify services by need.
We develop relevant material in-house.
We apply innovative methodologies like gamification. 

What sets us apart:
We make effective use of new technology, human resources, relevant content, and innovative methodologies.

We cooperate closely with Learning & Development professionals.

We speak your language, we understand your strategies, we help you achieve your goals. 



To offer technology-based language training services that are focused on human development, enhancing communication skills in a global environment.


To become leaders in corporate language training through service differentiators.


Honesty: to act with integrity and self-awareness. 

Attitude: to have a positive disposition. 

Creativity: to find innovative solutions.

Efficiency: To do things well and cost-effectively.   

Respect: to be aware of how our actions impact others.   

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Synchronous Lessons

• In real time

• Private or group lessons

• 1-hour-long (4 participants) or 1.5 hour-long (6 participants)

• Real material developed in-house

• 15-hour projects