We are English Services

We collaborate in an intelligent, flexible and agile way so that people can communicate more effectively in other languages. We train people who work in different industries and help them achieve better results, build greater confidence and demystify that learning a language is almost impossible.
We rely on technology and use several teaching methodologies (neuroscience, mind mapping, coaching, gamification). We develop innovative programs and adapt to different profiles of people and corporate cultures.
Our proactive team works diligently so that Argentine companies have a local option when looking for a language provider that meets high expectations and/or that can handle large volumes with professionalism.



Help people communicate and improve their command of second languages for personal and professional development either at corporate as well as governmental level.



To be the leading language training company in Argentina and LATAM that competes with global companies, standing out for its quality in educational programs and the clever use of the best educational and technological tools and methodologies.


  1. Joy, Customer Orientation.
  2. Change Adaptability, Initiative, Team Work, Open Mindedness, Learnability.
  3. Empathy, Human Quality, Integrity, Thankfulness, Simplicity.

The best Argentine global program

We are the Argentine team that can compete with large multinational education companies at the corporate level. We have the appropriate equipment, tools, methodology, and everything that is needed. We are forever grateful to those who trust us because we grow and we keep moving forward thanks to them.

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