Success stories

Professional services

PriceWaterhouseCooper, KPMG
Three of the Big Four chose our services. We collaborated with PwC in designing workshops for strategic areas with excellent results. Up until 2019, the reimbursement system of one the Big Four caused no end of problems. We consolidated their existing program, simplifying its administration and improving results, thus reversing a past negative experience. In 2024, we began to work with KPMG’s legal team because their global provider could not successfully address their specific needs.


Globant & Baufest
We’ve worked with IT companies since 2020 with 2000+ students from Europe, Latin America and the USA in different programs. We optimized costs, and grouped students by level and time zone. In 2022, Globant and Baufest detected high dropout rates. A pilot program with 600 students was designed for the second semester of 2022. In 2023 we became their sole language training provider. One of our most successful programs, Communication Booster, was created to address a specific problem: poor oral communication skills and the fear of making mistakes that hindered communication in English.

Banking sector

Several banks choose our services and entrust about 200 students. They find innovation, support, and a solid feedback system, as well as industry-specific learning material.