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Ace Your Job Interview in English!

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Your upcoming job interview has your stomach twisted in knots? It is understandable because you want to make a good first impression and get your dream job. Follow these tips to impress your future employer and ace your interview.

Do some research on the company

If you have a basic understanding of the organization and its products or services, you can ask thoughtful questions and show that you have done your homework. According to a survey by Twin Employment, 47% of interviewers would not hire a candidate who knows little or nothing about the company.

Learning about the company’s mission, values, and culture will help you remain calm because you have some context for the interview. In addition, the fact that you share the same values will make you a good fit for the role.

Examine the job description for the role and its responsibilities

It sounds like basic advice, but it pays to know in advance what the job entails. If you know what qualifications, skills, and background are required, you will be able to decide if this position is for you. Also, use the keywords in your answers during the interview. And do not forget to ask for details about the role!

Use active listening

Active listening is a very useful skill that shows that you understand the other person’s position and helps to avoid misunderstandings and assumptions. This is essential during a job interview because if you misconstrue a question, your answer will not make sense to the interviewer and can hurt your chances of getting the job. In addition, the ability to listen actively also shows that you can work well as part of a team.

Practice for your job interview

It is only natural to feel nervous before an interview. After all, your future is at stake. To calm those nerves, you can practice your answers to potential questions with mock interviews with a friend or in your English class. And statistics show that mock interviews help candidates get a job.

Make a list of potential general and job-specific questions that you think recruiters will ask and prepare your answers. Do not leave soft skills out of the equation. 75% of employers ask behavioral questions to evaluate them because they want to know whether you have the skills needed to work under specific circumstances. When asked a behavioral question, like “Tell me about a time when you showed real leadership”, reply with specific examples of how you performed in the past.

Bear in mind that when asked about yourself, the interviewer does not expect to hear your life story but a quick summary of your career and accomplishments.

Be in control of your speaking skills. Make sure you do not speak too fast or mumble but speak calmly and clearly. You may want to consider doing some breathing exercises to reduce stress.

Useful phrases

These phrases may come in handy when preparing for your interview:

I earned my (Computer Science) degree at (the University of Edinburgh).

I completed an internship with (IBM) as a development specialist.

After graduating, (IBM) offered me a full-time position.

I feel you should hire me because (I have the experience to take on this role.)

I have the dedication and passion to (…)

I have a good work ethic.

I find it rewarding to (find a solution to a problem).

(Sales) is something I’ve always excelled at.

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