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How Creativity Can Help You With Your Online English Course

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Creativity Online English Course

Do you consider yourself creative? Using creativity doesn’t always involve making some sort of “artwork”. We use creativity in everyday life. As a program manager, for example, you have to constantly think of different ways to reach deliverables and goals. As a lawyer, you have to know how to use evidence to present your point. Persuasion, negotiation, and leadership skills all require creative thinking at one point or another. When learning a new language, being creative can be the difference between sounding like a native speaker, or staying stuck on an intermediate level. Let’s see how creativity can help you with your online English course. 

Different Creative Types: Which Am I and Can It Help With My Online English Course? 

There’s more to creativity than being an artist. Here are three different creative types: 

The Thinker

A perpetual student, the thinker lives in a philosophical state. Always questioning theories and overcoming the gut-wrenching feeling of having unanswered questions. You don’t just perceive, you immerse yourself in the countless outcomes of all forks in the road. You’re not satisfied with having a simple answer, no. You want to know why. 

This type of creative is a great language learner when taking an online English course. You self-reflect and ask yourself why tomato is pronounced one way in the US, and another way in the UK—but at the same time, potato is pronounced the same in both cultures. Weird, right?

The Innovator

To be innovative means to think outside the box. Screw rules. You rewrite your destiny and figure out odd ways to find solutions. Monotony is your enemy. You thrive off change and are willing to make huge life adjustments to not be bored. The innovator likes to spend time alone to experiment and play with ideas. 

Innovation is a key ingredient to expanding your foreign language knowledge. You like to use different learning methods to learn new things. That means a greater chance of you reaching a high level of English fast. 

The Maker

The maker thinks and envisions in three-dimensional form. Whether it’s building, tearing apart, constructing ideas, or simply making something out of nothing, you strive to bring your vision to life. Your objective is to deliver tangible results. 

When taking your online English course,  you focus on doing more than what’s expected of you. You want to make sure you fully understand the topic at hand and will do anything to be number one in your class. Keep it up!

Go to mycreativetype.com to see what creative type you are, and how it can help you learn English faster. 

English Services Offers Creative Online English Courses

One of our favorite lesson plans at English Services is about creativity and how it helps you advance in your career. In the lesson plan, we discuss topics like the split-brain theory, creativity tests, burnout prevention, lateral thinking, and advanced level grammar and writing for business. 

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