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English Services and the Metaverse

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english services and the metaverse

We have amazing news! English Services is gearing up to deliver some of our services over the metaverse in 2023.

But what is the metaverse? In short, it is a hypothetical iteration of the real world as a unique, universal, and immersive virtual world on the Internet. It is aided by virtual and augmented reality devices like glasses or helmets. There are countless virtual worlds within the space, which are created by different users. If you want to experience the metaverse for yourself, poke around Spatial and look at the different worlds. You can create and customize your own avatar and use it to move between virtual spaces.

Don’t be afraid to create the future – Meta

The Metaverse

According to Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg, the metaverse is “the next evolution of social connection”. The virtual world has the potential to recreate the way humans interact in real life. For example, you can visit friends in their virtual world as you would in the real world. Or advertise, buy, or sell products and services. The virtual environment recreates scenes and objects from the physical world aided by technology. As a result, the user feels like he immersed in that environment. However, the metaverse does not replace human touch.

In the case of augmented reality, the virtual information mixes with the physical world, as in the Pokémon Go game.

In the future, the real world and the computer-generated world will merge in what is called mixed reality, where physical and virtual objects will coexist and interact. For example, some participants may take part virtually in an in-person meeting and the rest will be able to see them in the room by means of a device.

Learning in the Metaverse

So, how can the metaverse be used in education? Since learning is closely connected with emotions and the interaction with others, the virtual immersive spaces will foster empathy, collaboration, and communication.

Metaverse spaces can emulate certain experiences, like grabbing an object. That is, they add the element of physicality to the learning experience. Teaching in the metaverse has many advantages, like the use of gamification or the ability to make experiments. Instructors can create a world of their own in which to teach. Wouldn’t it be fun to go to class in a castle or in another planet?

English Services and the Metaverse

English Services are planning to introduce the metaverse to complement our language training services. Since any environment can be recreated in the metaverse, it would be possible to practice English for travel in an airport or a hotel, order food in a restaurant, and the like. Students can visit worlds created by people from other countries and practice the language they are learning.

We at English Services are always looking for ways to innovate. Remote classes are the new normal now. And we know we need to be creative and create engagement. Using the metaverse is one way to do it. A survey by PwC shows that students learn four times faster, are four times more focused and 3.75 times more emotionally engaged with the content delivered over the metaverse.

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