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Metaverse and Language Learning: The Evolution of Online English Classes

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Online English Classes

Humans have discovered a new universe. Well… sort of. It’s more like Mark Zuckerberg and his team created a new cyber world to complement the one we live in—arguably. To best understand how your online English classes will look in virtual reality, let’s take a look at the Metaverse. 

What the Heck is a Metaverse?

To be frank, no one truly knows yet. It’s like asking what the internet is back in the 1970s. No one could tell you. It was still being built. Similarly, the Metaverse is just that—a concept that a bunch of people are investing in, with hopes of it becoming whatever they think will be the outcome. As confusing as that sounds, everyone is hoping the virtual galaxy will live up to its expectations. 

Just imagine putting on virtual reality glasses and entering a world filled with shops, stunning nature, and hopefully a language academy where you can sit and expand your language knowledge. We can’t tell you exactly how your online English classes will evolve in the Metaverse, but we sure can make some speculations. 

How Your Online English Classes Will Evolve Thanks to the Metaverse… We Think

While we don’t know exactly how language learning will come into play in the Metaverse, we certainly would like to see some features to help you learn languages better. Let’s see some ways the Metaverse can enhance our language learning. 

Implement more gamification methods

Games used to be for children and weekend house parties. Now, games are being implemented everywhere. Let’s continue that in the Metaverse, shall we? Gamification, especially in language learning, is a great learning method that allows students to learn through game-like activities. Instead of reading copy on paper, perhaps having bits and pieces of words incorporated into an interactive game will attract more students to learn different languages. 

24/7 online English classes

One major barrier to language learning for most people is not having enough time. A full-time job, family, mental and physical health, and a balanced social life leave little wiggle room to help you perfect your English. The Metaverse should focus on having language learning centers that are open 24/7 with students all over the world. That way, you can log in and learn something no matter the time, or length of time. 

Multiple learning integrations 

There are an enormous amount of learning resources available to learn languages. Cambridge, Pearson, Oxford, McGraw, and many other publishers deliver some of the best learning resources on the planet backed by decades of research and study. Integrating all of these publishers in the Metaverse could result in easy, fast, and efficient language learning. 

Artificial intelligence language learning 

Having an AI robot in the universe you can speak to in real-time could change the game. Back and forth interaction is one of the best ways to learn languages. A perfect AI robot who’s quick and witty could make online English classes a lot more interesting. 

Your Current Online English Classes Provider

We’d love to be at the forefront of business English learning in the Metaverse. In the meantime, however, English Services provides top-notch English learning tools to help your team grow. 

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