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Gamification: A Fun Learning Approach

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This VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) in which we live today has awakened creativity and has led us to rediscover new ways of doing things and new approaches to reach our goals. For example, a new approach is called gamification.

What Is Gamification?

Gamification is the act of applying games or game-like elements to an activity with specific objectives. For instance, some of these objectives are: achieving people engagement and commitment, and understanding how to handle complex situations with problem solving skills.

This is to say that those who work in education know that people learn better when they utilize emotions in the learning process. Undoubtedly, games generate emotions, especially positive emotions like joy and surprise. Therefore, any teaching process can be gamified in order to achieve outstanding results.

Gamification At Work

Since 2010, videogame designers began to talk about gamification at conferences and congresses. Subsequently, companies began to implement gamification techniques in areas like Learning, Talent, and Human Resources to cultivate their employees’ problem-solving skills and improve their performance in innovative ways.

Gamification training is very specific and a great opportunity to expand knowledge. The certification of this method, also known as Lego Serious Play disseminates gamification practices in a way that is understood as professional activities that have clear and achievable objectives.

Gamification can be applied to:

  1. Employee Selection
  2. Team Development
  3. Business Strategic Plan
  4. Training and Evaluation

Enjoyable Learning

Although not yet widespread, gamification is an excellent tool to liven processes particularly in adults who struggle tirelessly to master a second language or who feel that learning a language is not their cup of tea.

Here is a well-known VW (Volkswagen) initiative in which we see the changes brought about by the introduction of gamification and the possibility it gives to define objectives and achieve them.

In today’s corporate world, those who are front-line leaders and want to build a strong team, is imperative to learn what gamification is and what are the different applicability options.

Playing in a serious way has great benefits for both, companies and employees. It does not require effort, on the contrary, it is something that everyone wants to be part of…