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How to Become a Great Business English Trainer

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Great teachers aren’t made in labs. They’re products of life experiences, immeasurable patience, and a wealth of knowledge. Similarly, a great business English trainer is distinguishable by their confident demeanor and thought-provoking communication skills.

If anyone knows how to give an informative, well-structured class, it’s a business English trainer. Not only are they helping students communicate better in a foreign language, but they’re also giving formal business classes that help students with their careers on topics like negotiation, management, leadership, and many more.

Qualities of a Well-rounded Business English Trainer


Giving a business English class is public speaking at its best. Instead of giving a speech, teachers are giving instruction and welcome participation from the class. This requires a high level of confidence—especially when working with professionals. Many professionals need to be confident in the companies where they work, so they need someone who mirrors that skill. Without confidence, it can be easy to lose focus and credibility.


Foreign language students taking business English classes need answers. At any level, students need a teacher who knows the ropes around the English language. In addition, the teacher should also know about the topic they’re teaching. Typically, business English trainers structure their lesson plans around a specific business topic, then introduce English exercises throughout the lesson. If a teacher doesn’t know much about the topic or the English language, most students tend to drop out of classes.


Finding a balanced communication technique with foreign language students helps instructors become better business English trainers. It’s not only about the communication between the student and the teacher, but also about how the teacher manages communication among peer-to-peer students. A great lesson plan allows for the teacher to talk less, and the students to communicate more throughout lectures and with each other—especially in higher-level English classes.

Implementing Leadership 3.0 Skills

Global Living has a great model called Leadership 3.0:

“In this model, Leadership 1.0 assumes that leaders seek certain information and expertise that, if acquired, can help to advance their leadership. Leadership 2.0 assumes that leaders benefit from having more access and new perspectives that, if acquired, can help to advance their leadership.


Leadership 3.0 is a reflection and awareness model. It believes that leaders require inner capacity and practice to lead with awareness that, if acquired, can serve them and their movement to advance and strengthen their work for the long term. It fundamentally transforms the way leaders approach their leadership through a reflection on their lived reality and a discovery of what more is possible.”

Source: globalgiving.org/pfil/41039/projdoc.pdf

What ultimately makes a great business English trainer is having a profound understanding of oneself and knowing how to implement their best qualities. This unlocks the ability to lead a business class effectively.

Gaining Credibility

There are many ways to improve confidence, knowledge, and communication skills separately. Using these three skillsets together simultaneously in their classes is the greatest challenge. While teachers should always have a lesson plan, most times, classes need to be improvised or adjusted according to specific situations. If a student misses class, for example, it might mess up a paired exercise you had planned. It takes many years of teaching and practice to gain recognizable credibility.

Professional Business English Trainers at English Services

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