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3 Steps to Manage B2B Conflict by Implementing Online English Training

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Language training solves a multitude of problems. One of which you may not already know: conflict management. Online English training goes beyond learning a new language. It can help you reduce conflict at work, and build better B2B relationships.

Resolving Conflicts With a Powerful Weapon: Online English Training

Conflict management involves resolving issues to reduce negative results and increase positive ones. Realistically, conflicts aren’t always eliminated. However, they can certainly be managed and reduced.

At one point or another, when a company intends to globalize, language becomes a barrier. During the process, conflicts arise. With English being a top language to learn when conducting business abroad, it’s critical to not only learn it but to know how to use it to reduce conflict.

What Conflicts Can Online English Training Solve?

Language barriers produce a myriad of conflicts. According to Harappa, linguistic barriers are one of the largest communication barriers in the workplace. This can easily extend to problems dealing with other businesses. Wasting time, for example, is a major conflict that can be significantly reduced with online English training. Secondly, language training reduces misunderstandings that arise because of linguistic barriers.

Let’s take a closer look at how we can use online English training as a weapon to reduce B2B conflicts:

Step 1: Offer online English training

One of the most direct ways to reduce conflicts between businesses on a global scale is to offer in-company or online business classes. Hiring interpreters is another way. But you know the saying: “If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day; if you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime.”

Investing in language training for your team is a wise move. Many companies offer training for employees during business hours. If your team has issues communicating externally, language training may be the solution.

Step 2: Focus on business topics

Focusing on business topics like management and leadership, negotiation, and conflict management helps reduce mishaps between businesses. Learners aren’t simply learning a new language, they’re taking specialized courses that help them conduct business and close deals.

That’s not all, your team will grow professionally and help build relationships outside of work with online English training.

Step 3: Implement business etiquette

How do you reduce conflict and make it a standard business culture? By being conscious of global business etiquette. Being aware of cultural timekeeping, giving and receiving gifts, dress code, and culturally specific vocabulary can make or break a deal.

Making Use of Online Business Training to Reduce Conflict

Managing conflicts go beyond employee confrontations. Sometimes conflict management involves reducing negative impacts between businesses. That’s why language training is crucial if you want to expand to a global market.

Many globally-recognized companies hire English Services to train employees to improve their English skills. English Services provides quality online English training with multiple business topics such as management and leadership, negotiation, and conflict management.

We also offer other services such as interpretation and translation to help manage conflicts swiftly and straightaway.