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Online Business Class Etiquette

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When you first hear your company is offering an online business course, it may cause a lot of excitement. The future of work is in English. Thus, expanding your business English skills is an essential part of growing in your career, or in your business. Take some of these tips into consideration to make online classes run smoothly and build great rapport with your instructor. 

Mute and Unmute accordingly 

Whether at the office or at home, it’s important to be aware of your background noise. When not responding or participating in group activities, be sure to mute yourself in case something in the background makes a loud noise. If you’re at the office, background chit-chat can be a distraction to your instructor and fellow students. Don’t forget to unmute to participate! 

Turn your camera on 

It’s difficult to build rapport with someone if you can’t see them. Maybe the room you’re in is a mess. Perhaps there are many people in the room you’re taking the English class in. Whatever the case, Zoom and most other video conferencing platforms have background features that allow you to blur your background or change it to another theme. Take advantage of these features and allow your instructor and fellow students to see you too. 


It’s difficult for language instructors to facilitate learning if students don’t participate. After all, teachers spend hours and hours of lesson planning to ensure you get the most out of your language class. Be sure to participate when instructors ask questions, ask you to read, or create a project or presentation. It makes class a lot more interesting and you’ll certainly have fun along the way! 


We get it: You’re at work all day and you’re in between important meetings. The life of a professional makes it difficult to stay focused on one thing—especially when it’s something not to do with work directly. When taking online English classes. Try to forget about everything else going on at work and home and shift your focus directly toward expanding your language skills. Think of your online English classes as a way to practice the language and also distract yourself from other stressful factors. 

Have fun 

This is an important element we have at English Services. Be sure to smile, laugh, share ideas, and have fun along your journey. We do the best we can to make our lesson plans relevant to your work while also making it entertaining and fun. We want you to look forward to learning new language skills and developing your professional skills. Why not have fun along the way?

English Services is Your Solution to Professional Growth 

Keep these simple guidelines in mind when taking online English classes at English services to ensure your professional success. 

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