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7 Project-Based Learning Elements That Help You in Your Business English Class

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When practicing for an English exam, it’s likely that your English teacher will make you hit the books—hard. You’ll study for hours and hours until your brain hurts. There are other methods of learning languages that aren’t so gruesome. One in specific that, when done right, is quite fun! It’s called project-based learning and it’s a method English Services implements in all of our lesson plans when you take our business English class. 

What is Project-Based Learning?

Project-based learning (PBL) incorporates meaningful, real-life situations into individual or group projects. One example is called ​​Global Scholars. Grade-school students from all over the world participate in e-classroom activities and create project-based solutions to critical global issues such as climate change. They communicate with peers in other continents to come up with different ideas to tackle pollution in their city, for example. Then, they present their final project to their class and peers around the world. 

How Does Project-Based Learning Help in My Business English Class?

The PBL method has seven elements that lead up to one presentation or product. 

Challenging problem or question 

When learning a new language, it’s crucial to think and explain in that language. We present our students with real-world business issues or problems to tackle. Take cultural awareness in the workplace, for example. How would you tackle this issue next? 

Sustained Inquiry 

The first step to solving complex issues is getting your facts straight—or researching the problem extensively. While opinions might lead us to think of some solutions, they can also lead us astray. Conducting proper research gives students clarity as to how to solve the problem at hand. At the same time, this allows students to practice reading comprehension in their business English class. 


Passion and storytelling compel people to make changes. Being authentic brings life to complex solutions. While some people are moved by data and science, others are moved by emotion. That’s why authenticity is a great element of project-based learning. It allows students to tell a story in English. 

Student voice and choice 

With PBL, students are encouraged to think outside the box. That said, the solution to cultural awareness–or lack thereof– in the workplace doesn’t have to be black or white. There are tons of cultural awareness issues that could be solved at work. Whether it’s diversity, language, or politics, each student has the right to protest according to how they feel about the issue. This allows for great discussions when presenting the final project in business English class. 


If not the most important part of the seven elements, this must be at the top of the list. What is problem-solving without reflection first? After reflecting on the issue and the research found, students might end up changing their concepts entirely. And that’s okay! Reflection allows students to tackle the issue from different perspectives. More thinking equals more conversation, and more conversations mean more practice with the English language. 

Critique and revision 

Peer-to-peer interaction means more ideas on the table. Not only are students criticizing content and delivery, but it’s a great way to practice writing, reading, listening, and speaking. All essential elements in learning a new language. 

Public product

Abracadabra! The final product. Presenting in front of peers is the best way to build confidence and practice delivery. Each student is will present differently. What’s important is that students feel comfortable giving presentations in English. 

Project-Based Learning is the Best Teaching Method for Advanced Business English Class 

These seven elements are a concoction of the perfect language learning practice. PBL incorporates speaking, writing, reading, and listening all while making students think critically to solve business issues. 

At English Services, our main priority is that you feel confident speaking English at work. That’s why we incorporate PBL in every single one of our projects. You’re still getting the necessary elements of the English language like grammar, but we’re focusing on how you can incorporate the English language in the best way possible at work. You’ll give better presentations, close more deals, and/or persuade your team to produce quality results. 

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