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Advance in Your In-Company English Class: The Art of Learning Agility

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Navigating the English language is challenging. Let’s face it: sometimes you feel defeated in your in-company English class. Advancing seems distant. While there are many ways to break down the growth barrier, learning agility could be what you’re missing.

What is learning agility?

Learning agility is the ability to think and understand quickly, and swiftly apply what you’ve learned in various circumstances. According to a study in the social sciences and humanities section in Pertanika Journals, new experiences can be gained from deep learning agility in different conditions. Additionally, the study proved that leadership spirit is an effective outcome of learning agility.

Not only does learning agility help you use what you’ve learned efficiently, but it helps you become a better leader in the long run. Let’s see how we can apply learning agility in our in-company English class.

How does learning agility benefit your in-company English class?

The only way many students can pick up English classes is through their jobs. Thankfully, many companies offer in-company English classes so that employees can increase their language skills during work hours. That said, most in-company English class students are already swamped with work and life outside of the “office”. The first set of skills students should bring to their English class is learning agility. That’s because learning agility allows you to focus on the task at hand and be receptive to new information. Once you’ve taken a certain amount of classes and have learned enough, learning agility allows you to briskly put that information into practice.

Thinking quickly and being able to grasp information during your in-company English class is the most efficient way to become adaptable in English.

Ways to incorporate learning agility in your in-company English class.

Applying learning agility to our in-company English class is completely doable. Here are some ways to do so:


The ability to absorb information isn’t the easiest of skills. With many external factors into play as working professionals, it’s easy to become distracted. Try to stay focused and don’t think about external problems. Instead, think about wanting to perfect your English during class. It’s tough. But think of your in-company English class as an escape from problems at work and home.


Putting your best effort shows dedication which will ultimately lead to growth. This learning agility skill is best practiced when you find the motivation to show up to your class. If you lack dedication, think of why you wanted to perfect your English in the first place. Was it a raise? Perhaps a promotion? Whatever the reason, dedication will boost your advancement in your English class.

External adaptation

Now it’s time to put what you’ve learned to practice. After you’ve dedicated yourself to language growth and tried to absorb as much as you can, the final skill to learning agility is how we adapt what we’ve learned in different circumstances.

Applying learning agility after your in-company English class

After practicing learning agility and managing the skills correctly, you’ll notice significant growth when applying new English speaking, writing, reading, and listening abilities. You’ll see that writing an email becomes easier and more understandable. You’ll realize that you can now tell the difference between an Australian accent and a British accent. Learning a language is like completing a puzzle—and learning agility is one of the biggest pieces.

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