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Gamification: Your Online Business English Class Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

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Once upon a time, learning meant studying a book and memorizing a bunch of text passed down from professionals in their perspective fields. When you studied languages, writing repetition and reading comprehension exercises were the way to go. Today, your online business class isn’t fixated on textbooks—at least not at English Services. 

We’ve realized that our students—highly-skilled professionals—learn best when they have fun along the way. Don’t get us wrong, expanding your English language knowledge is serious work. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. 

What is Gamification? 

Gamification is the use of game elements in situations where you usually wouldn’t have them. For example, instead of flipping through pages in a textbook, gamification allows you to collect points each time you finish exercises. You can share your points with other “players” and compete to see who in your online business English class gets the most points. Cool, huh? 

Gamification Online Business English

Gamification and Your Online Business English Class: The Key to Professional Success

Work can be stressful. That’s why adding game elements to your language training boosts your motivation. Just look at these statistics published by Review42

– 95% of employees enjoy using gaming-inspired elements in their work.

– By 2020, the education gamification market is estimated to reach $1.5 billion.

– Gamification participants score 14% higher on skill-based assessments.

– The gamification market was estimated to be worth $5.5 billion in 2018.

– 72% of employees claim gamification inspires them to work harder.

– Using gamification may increase newly registered business users by 600%.

Overall, gamification means motivated students and higher completion rates when it comes to learning. We want our students to stay motivated so that they can learn and apply their language skills at work. Whether it’s negotiating, presenting, or closing deals, students who are motivated learn most. 

How to Implement Gamification in Your Online Business English Class

Incorporating gamification techniques into your online business English class has to be strategic. Make sure your English language providers have it implemented into their platforms. Here are some ways English Services adds gamification techniques to their services: 

Gamified platform

Our new, soon-to-be-released platform will incorporate gamification methods. You’ll see live graphs and points collected each time you complete tasks. You’ll earn badges and see your training time too. Most importantly, you’ll be honing your language abilities along the way. 

online Business English

Group learning games 

English Services also incorporates learning games into all of our lesson plans. This includes Kahoot!, Bamboozle, and many others. You can think, speak, write, and read in English with business topics at the core. Not only are you having fun, but you’re also growing professionally. 

Online Business English

English Services: Your Professional and Gamified Language Provider

We understand the importance of growing professionally in English in your field. That’s our main goal after all. At the same time, we don’t intend to bombard you with boring exercises. At English Services, we’ve invested in the best tools to make our lesson plans entertaining and super effective. You’ll be motivated to come to each class, and you’ll always walk out learning something that you can apply in your professional career. 

To learn more about our gamified learning method, click here