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3 Learning and Development Trends for 2024

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Learning & Development trends

Part of a learning and development leader’s job is to provide the necessary tools for employees to thrive in their roles, help them develop new and existing skills, and drive innovation. The post-pandemic years have been particularly challenging. The workplace has changed dramatically, and the advent of AI poses a novel set of challenges, some of which threaten millions of jobs worldwide. So, let’s have a look at some learning and development trends for 2024 that will help leaders redefine their strategies for the upcoming year. 

Learning & Development Trends for 2024

Performance and Data-Driven Strategies

In order to measure the effectiveness of a training program and align your efforts with organizational goals, you need metrics like productivity, turnover, and job performance.  Analytics helps you in many ways, like the ability to predict what skills will be in demand and, therefore, plan and devise suitable training programs. 

What’s more, learning platforms will have advanced analytics dashboards with key learning metrics that will help you determine how effective training programs are and pinpoint areas that need improvement. Therefore, according to LinkedIn’s Workplace Learning Report, L&D should use business metrics to measure success, like improved employee productivity, instead of vanity metrics, like number of hours spent learning.    

A Healthy Learning Culture

Having a strong and healthy learning culture is a must in any modern organization. L&D must strive to create a safe and inclusive learning environment for employees to thrive. 

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all training. Next-Gen Learning, which the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation describes as “the intelligent use of technology to develop innovative learning models and personalized educational pathways”, demands a customized approach, where learners decide when and what to learn, and how. 

Additionally, employees should be able to learn new skills according to their interests and chosen career path. However, creating customized learning programs poses a new challenge, which can be met by using AI and automated solutions to set up and replicate those programs. For example, AI can turn text to video, build quizzes, or generate images, thus significantly reducing your workload and allowing you to focus on the essentials.    

Microlearning is a trend within the wider personalized learning trend. It consists of small chunks of content that aligns with the learner’s immediate requirements. It’s easy to fit micro lessons in a busy schedule, as they take a few minutes to do. 

Artificial Intelligence   

There’s no getting away from the latest technological phenomenon that’s revolutionizing the workplace: artificial intelligence. Since AI technology is about automating tasks, employees will need to develop new skills like critical thinking or creativity to carry out tasks that machines cannot do. Even though automation will make some jobs obsolete, it will also create new opportunities. Therefore, it’s the L&D community’s job to prepare the workforce to adapt to these changes.  

Generative AI is a type of AI technology that can create different types of content, including enhanced learning materials like realistic scenarios or interactive content. Additionally, generative AI can be used to create simulated learning environments where learners can practice skills in real-life-like situations, and offer personalized recommendations for skills development. 

Upskilling and Reskilling

Upskilling, training employees in new skills for their role, and reskilling, training employees for a new role, are not new trends. However, in 2024, they will be driven by the following factors: agility, personalization, and a forward-facing approach. Digital skills, gamification, learning platforms, immersive learning, and soft skills development are some of the drivers for upskilling and reskilling.   

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