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Let’s Talk About Online Learning Platforms. 

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Let’s talk about online learning platforms. 

E-learning has been around for a while, but it really took off during the COVID-19 pandemic, as schools had to close for health and safety reasons. Also, many people had to work from home and decided it was a good time to learn something new online. This trend has continued to rise in both the academic and the corporate fields. 

First off, an online learning platform is a web-based space or portal where you will find the educational content and resources you need to complete your course. Additionally, it provides spaces for student interaction and the ability to monitor student progress. Students can access the courses and materials from any device connected to the Internet wherever they are. The latest trend is to provide immersive experiences through augmented reality and virtual reality, i.e., learning in the metaverse.

What Are the Characteristics of a Good Online Learning Platform?

An online learning platform should be user-friendly. The learner’s experience should be pleasant and personalized, with a simple sign-in process and easy-to-find features like Word documents, PDFs, or video lectures.

The platform should have a responsive design that works well on any device and is easy to read.

Since people have different learning styles, a good platform should cater to them by allowing users to upload and have access to videos, PDFs, audio files, images, and all the resources you need to succeed.

The platform should collect student data and statistics, and instructors should be able to access it easily and give feedback. 

Communication is key to foster engagement. Students should be able to communicate with their teachers and peers through proper channels on the platform, like breakout rooms. Thus, teachers can create and nurture a virtual learning community. 

“The biggest benefit of eLearning is the utter lack of pressure. Because you get to set your own schedule and study only when you have time, eLearning makes learning not something you have to get over with, but something you look forward to!” Mark Hayes, Head of Marketing at Kintell

The E-Learning Market and Corporate Skills Training 

According to Business Wire, the size of the global e-learning market for 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, was estimated at US$250.8 billion. However, the growing trend shows no signs of abating. Quite the opposite. The estimated size of the global e-learning market will reach US$499.1 billion by 2027. 

An online learning platform is a great tool for managers who want to upskill their employees or close the skills gap within the organization. 

The corporate global e-learning market is predicted to grow by over 250% until 2026, according to Business Wire. This presents a huge opportunity for e-learning content providers. 

Online learning has many benefits. Employees can take courses from their workplace or home, so they won’t waste time traveling, which positively impacts attendance rates. Providing online training that aligns with employees’ career plan fosters motivation and engagement and, ultimately, helps to retain talent. Also, according to eLearning Industry, 42% of US businesses saw an increase in income in 2022 thanks to online learning. 

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