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Who says that learning is boring? Not us! At English Services, we use gamification to keep our classes fresh, interesting, and fun. Gamification is the use of elements of gameplay in non-gaming settings to enhance engagement. For example, one of the techniques we use is LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY.

Our hands can be more truthful than our words. Maria Clara Severo, certified facilitator at English Services

So, what does gamification do for me? you may ask. It is a great tool to achieve certain goals, like engagement, practical learning, and skill development. Adding elements of gameplay to the lesson plans is an innovative way to create interest and motivate learners.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY in the classroom

The aim of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY gaming solution is not to just have fun, but to learn while having fun. Through the medium of play, students reflect on their learning process, create and share stories and points of view.  As a result, workshop participants learn to communicate ideas in a new language and solve problems as a team.

These activities can be used to teach new language structures or to practice previously learned vocabulary, expressions, and the like. The three-dimensional structures made with Lego bricks can help participants to find elusive solutions to problems that the conscious mind could not previously formulate.

Our LEGO® workshops

This technique is based on different theories, like Constructivism or the FLOW theory, and follows the learning-by-making model of brain-based learning.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY is a versatile tool. In our workshops, our certified facilitators ask leading questions and participants use LEGO® bricks to create models that represent their answers. The background music creates a relaxing and stimulating atmosphere.

Once the models are ready, participants discuss their creation and how it answers the prompts. Our workshops can deal with different topics from new product development to teambuilding and leadership. Organizations, teams, and individuals can benefit from this facilitated thinking, problem-solving, and communication technique.

Ask us how our certified facilitator-led LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY workshops can help your team improve their communication skills in a new language.