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How to Boost Post-Pandemic Productivity Using Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence has a lot more to do with productivity than people think, which raises an important question: How has COVID-19 affected the manageability of emotional intelligence? 

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions and the emotions of others. Sadly, COVID-19 could be the reason why many people have lost their ability to apply emotional intelligence to daily and professional tasks. After all, COVID-19 has changed the lives of everyone. 

Emotional intelligence (EQ) has specific characteristics that increase—or decrease—the ability to manage behavior. Self-awareness and empathy are two main characteristics of EQ, and they allow people to make better decisions and cultivate healthier relationships. 

What Causes a Lack of Emotional Intelligence?

Various reasons—biological and not—cause a lack of emotional intelligence. Alexithymia, for instance, is the inability to identify emotions experienced by oneself. Lack of emotional intelligence doesn’t always have to be permanent, however.  

Unleash Emotional Intelligence Through Self-Awareness

The first step to higher EQ is identifying one’s desires, weaknesses, and strengths that lead to overall behavior through self-awareness. Self-awareness can help people identify what’s good and bad for them. It derails a person from potentially making regretful mistakes and realigns behaviors with core values. Studies have gone as far as proving that self-awareness can dictate leadership abilities. 

According to the Leadership & Organization Development Journal (LODJ), the relationship between EQ and leader performance is best for managers who underestimate their leadership abilities. Conversely, it also suggests that there appears to be a negative relationship between EQ and leader performance for managers who overestimate their leadership abilities. Being self-aware can be applied to combat low EQ during the COVID-19 pandemic, which can affect productivity at work. In doing so, individuals can perform better at work and sustain healthy relationships. 

Activate Emotional Intelligence Through Empathy

The ability to understand and share the feelings of others plays a significant part in raising emotional intelligence. Empathy and the capability to put oneself in others’ shoes fuel human connections and personal growth. 

COVID-19 has affected some people more than others. Therefore, showing empathy and genuinely trying to understand a person’s situation stimulates higher emotional intelligence. Showing empathy builds quality relationships that feed off each other, leading to less stress and sincere connections that increase productivity at work. 

Tips to Supercharge Productivity Using Emotional Intelligence

People with high EQ take specific measures under stressful situations. Some tips include: 

Maintain a positive attitude

Maintaining a positive outlook during a global pandemic is easier said than done. Nevertheless, doing so is contagious. A simple smile at the office or friendly humor during virtual meetings increases a positive attitude for the giver and receiver.  

  • Self-motivate 

Some people enjoy going to the gym. Others like kayaking. Self-motivation increases emotional intelligence and leads to healthier lifestyles. It may be hard for some, but finding motivation makes a huge difference in productivity. 

  • Listen closely 

Effective communication means listening with intention. Listening helps increase strong relationships and sustain happiness. That said, talking about one’s problems is beneficial, but it works both ways. 

  • Be courteous 

As vague as that sounds, it’s nearly impossible to increase EQ without being approachable and personable. On the contrary, being mean won’t attract people; it makes others want to stay as far away as possible.   

Practicing self-awareness and empathy can change the course of low emotional intelligence and improve many aspects of everyday life. Beyond that, it increases productivity at work and creates meaningful relationships. Who doesn’t want that?  

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