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The Secret to Succeed in Your Online Language Courses: The Use of EdTech

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Even before the pandemic, online learning and the use of technology to learn new skills have been on the rise. In many instances, some people even prefer to obtain diplomas and certificates online—language training included. Edtech is the future of language learning and it makes online language courses easier to take from anywhere.

What is EdTech?

Education technology, otherwise known as edtech, is integrating today’s technology with classic teaching methods to facilitate gaining knowledge. In-company language classes, for example, help employees learn a new skill. Adding technology allows us to take language learning to the next level, however. Business language classes don’t have to be face-to-face anymore. Edtech has proven that online language courses are just as valuable as in-person lessons.

How to Integrate Technology With Online Language Courses

Virtual classrooms are certainly one way to integrate education with technology. Some others include

• Online mind-mapping

• Learning Management Systems (LMS)

• Thorough use of video conferencing features (annotate, breakout rooms, polls, whiteboard, etc.)

• Gamification

• Other online learning platforms like Kahoot, Yammer, Genially, and Wordwall that complement instruction

Benefits of EdTech in Online Language Courses

In-person language classes certainly have their social benefits. Interacting face-to-face makes learning fun and builds real-life experiences. Unfortunately, many language learners don’t have the luxury of attending in-person classes for various reasons. That’s why edtech makes language learning easier and more accessible for some. Let’s discuss the benefits of online language courses and the use of edtech:

Immersive learning

There are countless learning tools online. From group games to interactive worksheets, the internet provides teachers with endless resources. Instructors should be trained to identify which techniques are best for particular classes to increase learning results. It takes a while to learn the ropes of virtual teaching, but after gaining experience, teachers find it more immersive to give language classes online.

Whenever, wherever

The times when having to transport to class are nearing an end. It’s so much easier to attend virtual classes than it is to physically attend on time. Also, you make better use of your time. Online training means higher attendance since you don’t have to be in a specific classroom. 

Global reach

Not being limited to local teachers gives you countless choices for choosing a language instructor. You can have native language teachers living in their country of origin. Some students prefer having native teachers since the learning process becomes less strenuous. This helps students learn faster since you’re not only learning a new language, you’re also learning about the culture.

Technical knowledge

Using technology to learn a new language prepares students for today’s jobs. Practicing a new language while using technology helps practice the two simultaneously—giving you confidence at virtual meetings or conferences. Additionally, working in group lessons mimics real-life team projects at work or school.

Implementing EdTech is the Future of Online Language Courses

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